Overcoming Your Sponsoring Phobia – How to Share your Business opportunity with everyone!

Are you allowing your fear of rejection to stop you from asking people to join your company? Are you afraid that someone will look down on you because you are a member of a Direct Selling company? Do you often find that you “screen your prospects” before you offer the opportunity?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions then you are not really sold on the benefits of having a Direct Selling business of your own. You are more concerned about what others are thinking of you than you are of the fantastic opportunity that you have to offer! What would happen if you took yourself out of the equation and focused entirely on your prospect and how you can help him or her solve their problem by joining your company?

You will learn:

   How to improve your sponsoring attitude

   How to ask the correct questions to get more interviews

   How to package benefits to meet the needs of your prospect

   How to handle objections at the interview

Plus much more…