Spontaneous Sponsoring – How to Sponsor more Business Builders!

This is the CD program you have been waiting for! On this CD you will learn how to create a “sponsoring environment” at your home presentations. You will also learn how to INCREASE your odds of sponsoring a business builder rather than someone who “just works the business as a hobby” or “joins to get a discount on the product.”

You will learn:

   Why Direct Selling is the answer for people who want to start their own business.

   How to encourage people at your presentations to “think about” the business opportunity.

   How to use questions to obtain valuable information about the guests.

   How to increase your odds of sponsoring your Hostess.

   How to create an “I Story” that causes people to seek more information.

   How to provide guests with information in a non-threatening manner.

Plus many more helpful sponsoring tips.