“EXCELLING IN DIRECT SELLING – How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be” 


Excellence makes people nervous and yet to increase your income you need to become “excellent” at what you do! In this program Karen will help lead you from mediocrity to success in your Direct Selling business. If you are ready to quit making excuses and you’ve decided it’s time to make some serious money this program is for you!

You will learn:

   7 questions you must ask yourself in order to understand your wants and needs from the business.
   8 actions you must take in order to grow your business.
   4 activities that are time wasters in your business and life.
   4 ways to recruit from every party.
   6ways to book from every party.
   4 ways to sell more from every party.

“PRESENTATION PIZZAZZ – Simple Strategies to Pump Up Your Parties”

Are you afraid you may be boring your guests to tears? Are you leaving your parties with no bookings? Are you unsure of how long your presentation should be? When using an informal presentation format do you find yourself struggling as to how to get the information across to your guests? Are you using games? Are you afraid to use games?

In the frazzled, frantic everyday chaos we live in guests are still attending home parties by the millions. Great consultants can reap their share of sales, bookings and recruits if you know what the customer’s wants and needs are and accommodate them.

You will learn:

   How, when and why to play games
   How to put more fun into presentations
   How to accessorize and enhance displays
  How to create fun “theme parties”
   How to “Story Tell Sell”
   How to get higher sales, more bookings and more recruits!


Are you allowing your fear of rejection to stop you from asking people to join your company? Are you afraid that someone will look down on you because you are a member of a Direct Selling company? Do you often find that you “screen your prospects” before you offer the opportunity?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions then you are not really sold on the benefits of having a Direct Selling business of your own. You are more concerned about what others are thinking of you than you are of the fantastic opportunity that you have to offer! What would happen if you took yourself out of the equation and focused entirely on your prospect and how you can help him or her solve their problem by joining your company?

You will learn:

   How to improve your sponsoring attitude

   How to ask the correct questions to get more interviews

   How to package benefits to meet the needs of your prospect

   How to handle objections at the interview

   Plus much more…


Are you settling for mediocrity in your life and business by making excuses along the way?  Are there goals you want to achieve and dreams you want to realize but your mind keeps holding you back? What’s your definition of success? Are you living life on your terms?

In this fast paced program Karen will help you look at obstacles that keep you from reaching your goals and dreams. Sometimes things happen in our life that cause us to “slow down”, “stop” or “fall of the face of the earth”. Learning how to handle these situations can help you overcome them!

You will learn:

   What is stopping you from achieving the results you want in anything in your life

   How to ask yourself questions that will get you back on the right track

   How to regroup, refocus, and renew yourself

    How you can live “happily ever after”

I’ll be sharing with you specific strategies I use when I lose focus (Yes it happens to the best of us) to get myself back on track! You can live an amazing life if you just “get out of your own way.” I’ll show you how!


“TIME MANAGEMENT – How to Make the Most of Your Valuable Time ” 2 CD Set

Are you running around in circles and getting very little done? Do you wish you had more hours in your day? Do you wish you had more days in your week? Do you wish you had “time for you?”

Whether you are working full-time in Direct Selling or working your business part-time in addition to your job, you need to make the most of the time you have! There are activities that are a must in order for you to be successful. Some of these activities are totally neglected by consultants and they wonder why their business isn’t growing like they would like it to!

Karen will provide you with some tips and strategies she used while she was in Direct Selling.

You will learn:

   Daily, weekly and monthly activities you must do to grow your Direct Selling business.

   How to organize you calendar to fit these activities in, even if you are working full-time outside the home.

   Tips to help you get more done in less time.

   Why you must set aside time for yourself and family.

   Why procrastination is one of your worst enemies and how to overcome it.

   Plus much more.


Do you find yourself wanting more from your life and business and then you begin to sabotage your results with your negative thoughts and behaviors?

Life is Good! Life is Great!
I can do anything I want to do! I can be anything I want to be!
Wow! Can you imagine how great you’ll feel when everything you want begins to happen?

You will learn:

   1. Why most people don’t have what they want in life
   2. How to ask yourself questions to move forward in your life
   3. How to program your mind for results
   4. Why it’s OK to fail and how to learn from your failure
   5. Why it’s important to celebrate small successes
Plus much more…

A quote from Michelangelo says it all, “the greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it!”


Ultimate Guide to Direct Selling – Book

Success in Direct Selling is Possible for You!

All you need is a good system. Years of experience have helped me craft a process that is proven to work. Once you learn it, teach others to duplicate what you do and watch your earnings soar.

Here are a few of the things you will learn:

   Control your attitude

   Take a creative approach to booking

   grow your business

   manage and motivate your team

   maintain a business that works for your lifestyle

   stay in it for the long haul

“After reading the Ultimate Guide to Direct Selling” it’s clear Karen Phelps is a master in our industry, and is in tune to the needs of those that want to succeed in direct selling. I will use this book to help launch new Consultants on my team. If they follow these simple ‘pain by number’ steps, their chance to succeed will dramatically increase!” Donna Johnson, Executive National Vice President, Arbonne International

“Karen is a truly amazing educator and inspirational leader in the field of Direct Sales; this book perfectly sums up the tips and techniques she has shared to help grow our business over the last five years.” Patty Brisben, Pure Romance, CEO & Founder


This bundle includes 6cd set (total 9 cds) & 1 Book

The Full Retail of this Bundle is   $373.95   but


Here’s to your Success!

Karen Phelps

Direct Selling Expert